For a new and a unique experience, AROUND SEX by La Chrysalide has interviewed a wide range of libertines, who have raised a common point of interest:


It is a central point for moving from the virtual world to the real world.
Even if the virtual means allow to connect, it is necessary to reach the real one and thus your / your libertines "rendez-vous".
Usually, it's so complex: we talk for a long time, and having a fun & quality private party becomes very complicated.

Emmanuelle, 28, is one of thousands of libertines for whom AROUND SEX by La Chrysalide has been created:

« No more virtual, place to the meeting of quality in private party!
What it's fun in libertine experiences is the face to face dating.
The rest obviously depends on us. But Im fed up to chat (and chat) without dating.

With AROUND SEX by La Chrysalide, it becomes so easy: Choose the packaged theme of your private dating (with a label CHRYSALIDE), propose a meeting, invite libertines around to you, receive notifications from interested parties, accept / refuse and specify your next appointment.
The individual chat only opens if you accept.
There is also a group chat to better know all the participants of my future private dating.

I have never seen that!

The web-apps AROUND SEX by La Chrysalide is direct, simple and discreet with your own private libertine AGENDA.
You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere in the world, near your home or on a trip.
It becomes so simple to organize or join quality private dating with the libertines that match me!
So, like me, connect and start your libertine experience AROUND SEX by La Chrysalide.

Anywhere, anytime: a private dating with a Chrysalide theme? »